Front and back attack indicators keep resetting to default

since the recent maintenance on wednesday (for 1.5 hours), my front and back attack indicator colours keep resetting to the default blue and white, i dont know if the entire setting like thick line + dot resets, all i know is that the colours keep resetting to default every time i start the game up.


Thank you for reporting this! cheddarZed

Small question, is the problem happening to all of your characters or just one?

Someone had a similar issue, but it was not affecting them when they were on their alts.

I got the same Problem since the last Patch this wednesday. First it noticed that it only reseted on my Lancemaster (Glavier) after every Restart of the Game. Today it also reseted on my Paladin and of course on my Lancemaster. So its kinds of Random. On my other 3 Characters it did not reset (yet).
Hope this get fixed because u notice it when ur already fighting a guardian or Raid and it was pretty nice that u had not to worry about this when u configuarted it 1 Time for every Character before.

the setting is shared between my whole roster (it wasn’t like that when the indicator was first introduced), so it’s affecting all my characters.

when i set the colours up, the setting remains when switching characters, it’s only when starting up the game again the colours reset

Im having similar issue. When i save green front/red back for my gunlancer - it changes for all other characters too. It is as if its not per character anymore but per account

Thank you for letting me know, cheddarZed and Gimmeeeeeeeee.

I’ll get this over to the development team.

I have the same issue and is only happening to 1 character

Interesting, thanks for letting me know. :thinking:

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Thank you for the additional information, Raisuru! It seems to be happening to a few people :thinking: .

This happening to me as well. I’ll change the colors from default on my Main, then switch to my alt or vice versa, and the colors will be what I set it to. As soon as I quit the game and launch it again, the colors are reset to default.

The issue is still happening to me as well, waiting for a fix. Hopefully this will be fixed soon because the default color of white is hard to see for me as a front indicator.

from day 1 (update with this feauture) i have this problem to my 5 alts and main . every time i close LOSTARK keeps reseting

Mate. you are under every post. And none of them solved. You keep saying “I will inform developers”. And none of them are solved. I dig forum 2-3 month old issues, whenever you answer something, that problem never get solved.

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It keeps happening, all my alts have the indicator color that i want, but when i swap to my blade, it keeps getting reset to default after every game restart.

I have the same problem as well, I have to set it every time I open the game because I just can’t really see the blue, please fix this issue.

Been an issue going on two months now, this is getting pretty ridiculous. Shouldn’t be a hard fix.

is there an update on this @Centeotl I’m still having this issue only on main character will this happen.

Hey there! I’d like to clarify I am not a developer or part of the programming team. However I am indeed sending these problems over to the team who does handle these things. :slight_smile:

It’s been months since i have this issue, I can’t close the game and open it again later without the indicators being reset on all my roster. PLEASE FIX!

same for me. happens with every restart, and even some times (but not consistently) when switching between characters.