Fruit Dragon Skin Changes hair

My hair changes when i put on the fruit dragon mint head piece. I dislike all hair styles for warrior class’s so I went with the one I like. Bald. now I got the skin I was most hyped for and i feel deflated.


Well that’s some bullshit.

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Hey there,

I have the exact same issue and I wanted to report it too! Please fix this problem, I want my character with buzzcut even with the dino hat on. Not some random ugly hairstyle. :face_vomiting:

See below what I mean:

Edit: This is happening on a Warrior/Gunlancer btw.

Screenshot 2022-03-24 144751
weapon goes through my helmet :smiley:

a lot of things clip through armor, like hair. but outright changing my hair style is absurd.

Can we please get a confirmation that this will be fixed? I guess there will be a bugfix patch soon so put this on the list asap. The costume shouldn’t change your hairstyle when putting it on, it’s really stupid. Kinda takes the fun away…

bump D:


Dragon deez nuts!
Fix pls?

You don’t even fix this with the patch? Why even bother to report bugs.


This company… :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:

Eeeehhhhh…? Another patch, still no fix? :joy:

up… please fix this ! :smiley: