Frustrated with the lack of skins. Where are the skins at?

We got a small answer to everything except regarding skins so far in the roadmap.

Is it still going to be 1 ugly skin a month? If so, I’m quitting. Honestly, even 2-3 skins a month is bad because that means we will never catch up to KR servers at this rate. It feels like I am being punished for playing the game.

Why can’t this just be like a normal game where we have a wide selection of skins in the shop and just a few exclusives per month?

Does Amazon not know how important customization is in an MMO? Why do you think people whale to get ahead of others? It’s to stand out and be different/better. No one wants to look like a copy of everyone else. They are doing the most to make the game experience as least enjoyable as possible. This is a MMO, not a single player game. Other people can see your character so why would you want to look ugly? It makes you socialize less.

Seriously, it’s a shame that Amazon is the publisher of this game. We get censorship and LoCaLizAtIoN that no one asked for + its been 2 months and we have like 2 skins per class. This is really abnormal. They don’t know how to run a game properly.

Even the few skins we have don’t even function properly… Sorceress platinum skin? Sorceress Destructive Element Skin? Yeah, that is supposed to be dyeable but for some reason it’s not in our version. So we basically pay the same amount for a worse skin. ???
Is this going to be a trend? Undyeable censored skins?

Name a company that hates making easy money than Amazon. Everyday they lose out on an opportunity to make sales. Everyday the playerbase numbers drop which shorten the audience they can sell skins to. :clown_face:

The communication is nowhere to be found :slight_smile:


They said they still have to rig the skins for some classes since many skins were released before some of our current classes and therefore they said there are only some skins they can put it without riggin them

so they have to drip feed skins because they’re choosing to drip feed classes.
that’s still on them.

Expect 1 a month, it maximizes profits, that is the true endgame of a company.

Where are they? In packages on your pc already :slight_smile:

Sad but true lol

Also amazonians, please don’t censor stuff on EU/NA

They’re in the client. And locked for no reason whatsoever.

The reason is marketing

Despite all the reasons being provided by both sides, the math is simple:

Sell skins to 500k players or,
Sell skins to 200k players

I think we all know that answer…

They’re taking the new world approach of less is more.

Sometimes I feel like dropping money on this game but then I remember that everything that might interest me isn’t released yet


Why does korea already have all the rigged skins then ?
Or could it be that they need to rigg the “censored” versions again ?

Also, we are missing roughly 50% of the classes anyway.
So who cares if the skins are not already available for all classes like artist, aeromancer etc. ?
It will take over 1 year minimum anyway.

1 skin per month is a good joke btw, game is now in the 3rd month and we had 1 new skin so far, its embarassing


Alar skin for life.

Skins are in making , censorship takes a while u know

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even censoring skins should not take several months

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