Full Bonus for 1490+ starts Tomorrow [12/9]

Just a quick reminder for anyone looking to max out rested bonus for all 1490+ characters, Today is the day you want to zero them out and let them sit until Wednesday’s reset.

That also means if there is any thought to a Brel delay today is the day to warn people :slight_smile:

Clear everything today:


Warn today?

When there’s still time before ‘the day before’?

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Warn 4 hours before servers go down and watch us all scramble to run a billion turtles and chaos dungeons lol

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Isn’t it tomorrow, not today that gets full bonus

Have 0 on Friday (dont run stuff on this day)
Login Sat shows 20
Login Sun shows 40
Login Mon shows 60
Login Tue shows 80
Login Wed shows 100.

You can still run the stuff today, its tomorrow you dont want to run any GR’s or CDs and dont run Una’s starting Saturday for full bonus.


swear it’s tomorrow also

Is it tomorrow? You could be right

If so that saves me a lot of effort today

You both are right just a different way to say it.

Today is the day you wanna do everything, tomorrow is the day you dont do anything to start building rest.

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Im 99% sure its tomorrow when your supposed to not run anything. We should have 2 days to do “things” before saving up 5. I need to run 1 more set of turtles today (carried 40 rest into this week so I could get the 4 turtle runs in for 6 clears (4/6 on yesterday and get the 6/6 today for the una weekly).


Today is Thursday → Run Everything and zero out the account
Friday you run nothing → 0 Bonus
Saturday → 1
Sunday → 2
Monday → 3
Tuesday → 4
Wednesday → 5

So today is the day you run everything and tomorrow is the day you begin to build rest bonus up… Unless my brain has become mush from too much LA forums.

@dragonmaster0283 so yes we’re both right, just worded different. Today is the day you flush your account, tomorrow is when you hold off running anything until reset



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can’t wait for them to announce the delay on tuesday night.

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You know it’s gonna happen :rofl:

4 hours before?
this is AGS you are talking about they will warn us we aren’t getting it 4 hours AFTER the servers have already gone down.

4 hours after they’ve gone down into a 26 hour maintenance you mean

I still say a full day of running everyone’s chaos/guardians makes me want to dip my head in jelly and roll in fire ants.

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I’m gonna leave them at 4x rested as patch day is gonna be a no go as is always the case.

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Only going to have the 1490+ characters running that day. I already run rested only for the most part currently just cause its far easier on the brain. Generally end up doing like 3 character dailies each day (I have a 10man roster so it cycles well). For roughly 90mins of dailies I get essentially a roster of 6 characters worth of materials. On patch day, it will only be the 1490+s and I have several aura’s saved up from the compensation packages (timer doesnt run in the product inventory screen) yet along with roughly 100 +1 unas and una completion tickets.

On Saturday you have to save 1 daily Una, so you can only do 2 of them. That gives 1 Sat + 3 Sun +3 Mon +3 Tues for the full 10 rested.

Una Task is clear today, 3 tomorrow, 2 Saturday, rest the remainder.

I hope my DB hits tonight, debating on dipping into Unbound prayge

Rested bonus ONLY applies to 1490 right? so no use doing rested on a 1475-1480 or you think will be able to hone from 1475 to 90 pretty easily with the new mats/gear?

Yeah i prob should be better prepared what we are in for, I understand new mats (shards, juice stays the same). but will there be a new gear progression? or can you only progress once you are 1490