Full founder pack transfer?

Hello friends. I am very thankful that you offer half of the founder pack to new server but please can make it 100%. Even if you remove all benefit on 1st server. I buy the pack for more than just the mount and skin, what about all the silver and combat items, card packs and most the shop crystal, we are only getting a little bit back. I buy gold + platinum pack day one and stuck on server claim by spain and is very bad experience.

When we first start game we didn’t see what nation is a server. We could not talk in chat until we reach level 17 so how do we know what most will be. I think most server will be a nice mix of europe or more english which most people can speak some, so I feel safe to open box. Now all the server is spain and can never speak in chat. Is mostly all spain spam ñ to make english angry and the english people being racist to spain. Is difficult to ask for help or group and is uncomfortable always.

I am very happy you give us something back but please can change it to full transfer, one time chance. €150 is a too big to waste. I will happy lose everything on first server, even delete characters.