Full screen locks cursor to game

Since the last patch, my full screen mode has locked the cursor to the game screen. i no longer can mouse over to my second monitor like i used to. Makes it hard for me to work with Discord. Yes, the lock cursor is unchecked. If i go into windowed mode, it doesn’t center the screen properly and some of the edge pieces are cut off the windowed mode. This was find before the last patch. i tried going to borderless and windowed and back again but it always locks pointer to game on the full screen mode whereas it didnt do that before.

Hello, thank you for reporting the cursor and window issues. I’ll pass it over to the team!

thank you, hopefully not the only person. i did normal windows update (win 10) a day or so before but don’t remember if i checked it then. :slight_smile: Small thing but figured I would pass along in case happening to others. i tried windowed more with resizing the window but it wouldnt let me resize it to try to get ASDF icons back on the screen fully. I will double check my NVidia controls just in case but it is Directx11

Thank you!

Borderless Fullscreen is probably what you’re looking for. Don’t really know if normal Fullscreen ever let you move your cursor out since I never use it.