Fun or story informative rapport questlines?

So when I first started playing LA, I focused on getting trusted rapport with easy NPCs that gave charisma potions. I feel comfortable for now with all my virtues stats around 280 and I still haven’t touched Feiton and up zones questlines.

Cals i have trusted; his storyline is decent because he’s such a jerk.

Sasha and Azena’s storyline seems pretty solid so far.

Any recommendations for a good rapport questline I should try out regardless of what their rewards are??


Blackfang is cute :3 the questline tells u about her back story

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A lot of the rapport quest npcs are actually pretty decent. The most memorable ones up to now (for me at least) were all the Neria npcs so far. I can’t really say which one is my favorite just yet but if I had to pick it would be Stern’s Neria. Right now I’m working on Avele’s rapport and it looks pretty good so far. In the end I don’t think there’s not much of a wrong answer to proceed story wise.

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Beatrice has worldbuilding info about the setting and chain war that I don’t believe are mentioned anywhere else. Good rewards too.

Azena’s backstory was a bit unexpected.

I’ve enjoyed most of the Nerias so far.

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Nineveh’s Rapport questline is great plus it gives a background on why you’re in an underwater Abyssal Dungeon that has nothing to do with Feiton. She does require some investment in raising virtues but if you’re already at 280 in all of them you’ll have no problems. By the time you reach the higher rapport levels you’ll likely have your virtues at 310 which is a later requirement.

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