Fundamental Game Fix: Tanking

Endurance: If you are above 30% health, a percentage of nearby party members damage taken is transferred to you instead. More endurance = higher transfer percentage and better damage mitigation

Now before you say “but that’s hella overpowered, people will tank everything!”, berserk mechanics exist in the game if you take too long to kill something, you still lose. and going endurance nerfs your damage by a crazy amount

Reason you would make this change to the game? Supports are in short supply. This gives an additional playstyle that serves as a support archetype. Nothing about the game really changes. People still have to dodge things, and perform wipe mechanics properly

Expertise: increases the duration of effects casted on you by yourself and others

good as both a secondary tanking stat or dps one if you need to extend your buff windows

Domination: hits have a chance to replenish used awakening charges