Funny how even in prime time there isn't any guardian t1 t2

Game is dying.
Barely any gardian run at t1 t2 at anytime of the day, pvp matchs taking minutes to fill when not in prime time. No one talking in area anymore.

Just a shadow of what it used to be, rip.
It also prove that no new player get in. The player base will just fin out until there is no one left.

Lost ark was already boring and without a lot of social interaction usually found in others mmo

But now… It’s juste like sorting sand alone in the desert.


Lost Ark was never a social MMORPG. The most social thing you can do is dancing with others in Punika channel 1.


Pvp matches taking minutes to fill are for another reason. T1 T2 guardians no reason to do them at all.

cool, bye bye

You finally uninstalled? Bye.

Because with the honing buffs, there is literally no reason to run t1 t2 GR at all.

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Sad to say but true:

You create a new character, knowledge transfer it to level 50, then you go to 460 to knowledge transfer to rohendel and you keep on doing this til punika. no need to play guardian raids in lowe tiers.

if the event tells you to do so, do them as you progressed to a way higher gear level than needed to clear quick and fast solo.

and in the end you have a new character at 1302 and just wasted 8k gold on knowledge transfer and 5times 8hrs of waiting game

It’s a nighmare for the new players. Imagine you need to do all guardians in T1 and T2 to have the chance to go T3 guardians where everyone is. Imagine you need to solo all of them as a new player. New players can’t experience the all low level dungeons as well. Their first will be oreha. That’s why even if someone new come to the game he will quickly quit somewhere around Vern/ Rohendel.

So you are telling me the following:

  • The most annoying content that you can skip within minutes if you want (T1 & T2; thanks to the global honing buff) gets no lobbies?
  • And on top the second least favourite content of all (PVP) takes long to fill up, because people play this game mostly for PVE Raiding content? wow, who would have thought that this ever happens!!! Game is dying, yep

Another cry thread

but I agree on the pvp side, it must improve, a game with such combat system has its pvp go to waste is a shame

I mean why would you do raids over and over with multiple alts for? whats the point? some folks here say “I quit after I finish brelshaza” lol why?, whats all this grind for? I want to have a good gear so I can win other people, thats the point isnt it ? go do PVP

Pvp is such a unbalanced and unrewading shit so nobody plays it. Only reason most ppl still do it is because of the rewards from vendor not because they like it and also matchamaking is trash aswell. So there it is

get gud, pvp is team and control based in this game.

Thats your response? Get gud ? U have 0 idea about how skilled or unskilled iam. But to help you out: I used to be multi glad wow/ master euw in lol/ and solo busing hm valtan in pve here. So maybe instead of saying git gud u should try to think about why is nobody playing it if its this good :no_mouth:

Just a question: I dont have enough leapstones for example to hone a lot in t1 and t2…so how do ppl say its doable in 2-3 days? i get 1-3 ups a day on mats which this character can farm. Am i missing something?

  • Get some friends to help you out.

  • Do it solo (yes do it solo, the game is solo-friendly for that exact purpose, so that you don’t have to rely on anyone else to do simple stuff like guardian raids)

  • Ask very kindly for a carry (your flares) Area Chat: “Hey guys, could someone carry x2 t1/t2 guardian raids real quick pls? My flares. Thanks!”

  • Go into Guardian Raids matchmaking while doing something else…adventure islands, dailies, rapport, STUFF. Unless you are in EUW I don’t see how you cannot find others to do the content. I always found others and that was about a month ago.

  • It’s simple, people have moved on, they have made all the alts they will ever need so they don’t bother to do t1/t2 stuff. It is what it is.

Some t2 islands gives honing mat like leapstones and gs/ds.
Event gives some.
Log in bonus gives quite a lot for t1 and t2.
At worst, ask guildies or on general chat for help.
If all that doesn’t satisfy you, you can whale, but not recommended.

Do islands they give lots of mats, event vendor has mats too. Leapstones from guardians are not going to fix your issue.

im not a new player so its for ma alt…there are no islands left

Then you have enough gold to spend few hundreds gold to buy them.