Funny how even in prime time there isn't any guardian t1 t2

Dang, people find ways to whine about anything.
Players cry for honing buff as T1 and T2 take too long.
They give Honing buff that makes T1 and T2 take only a few weeks
Players now cry they can’t find groups for T1 and T2 GRs.

You do realize the main reason there are no T1 and T2 GRs now IS cause of the honing buff. It is SO QUICK to get to T3 now even as a new account due to both the honing buff AND MOKOKO buff. If you need the GR’s to unlock just get to T3 and solo all the prior guardians.

Games not dying, its due to T1 and T2 content being far to easy to skip now due to the speed of honing.

Tower gives a lot of mats as well. I got my new Arcana through t1 and t2 with just tower and event mats. Only did 2 chaos dungeons to get the new gear, which I didnt even need since I was able to hone to 1100 with the mats from those two things.

Edit: I also bought the 100 t2 leapstones from Anguish island on my PP’ed paladin since every character can buy t2/t3 leaps from the vendor and they are roster bound.

The issue is and i pretty much knew this was gonna happen you will have a hard time finding any early content after the first 2 months of game being out. allot of ppl are resigned to soloing everything now. As you will often get told to solo anything you can because min maxers are all knowing lol. I was annoyed my self because for anybody coming back to the game or new tot he game getting a group for abyss dungeons or guardians is pretty mute outside of having guild/friends

Solo was easy before and it’s even easier now with the mokoko buff new players get.

No one is in T1/T2 because it only takes a few days to get to T3. Many players didn’t even do guardians while in t1/t2 before the changes. New players can still get abyss queues/parties because people slam through them for legendary cards.

Isnt it very obvious why we struggle in T1-T3 with players?

  • We get powerpasses all the time, honing buffs, express events. There is no incentive to actually play / quest in this game, also because the rewards are one time only.
  • Dungeon content lost its gold rewards if you are further up in the game, so why do this content?
  • LA is talked down everywhere, this does not really motivate someone new to try it out

Its never a good idea to hand out max level chars in an MMO, nor to cut down on rewards.

Right now, most people are doing legion raids, its the only rewarding content left, but maybe AGS will nerf this soon as well, who knows.

I’ve seen more new players during abyssal card runs in the last month than I have since the game started. New players are arriving, they just don’t stay visible for long thanks to all the shortcuts provided to get T3.

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why is everyone sucha doomer?
is it that surprising that everyone is at t3 5 months into the game?

when you go in wow how many people do you find at the early dungeons?
when i tried wow 10 or so years ago my brother basically bussed me through every dungeon because i couldn’t find players for anything
is wow dead now too? it is dying right? it has been dying for 10 years? why is it still not dead?

league is also dying since season 3
and yet it has just hit a new peak player base
wild how games be dying but getting bigger

nah you are just full of shit

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Abyss Dungeons in T1 and T2 are still done routinely due to still providing a chance for card drops (which all players need) even if not doing for gold so new players will NEVER have an issue doing them.

Guardians T1 and T2 can all just be done solo when you get to T3. With the mokoko buff all of them are easy to solo (they scale on player count).

Sorry to burst peoples bubbles but ALL games have this issue with the “leveling” content being “ghost towns” Its cause most only ever have to do it once and can skip for all secondary characters. Thats why the content is never hard in the first place.

You have instant queues for dungeons at wow, there is no powerpass or shop item that lets you skip leveling.

Besides that, leveling up can be very rewarding as there is a transmog system, crafting and collecting, that keeps you busy for a long time.

I find them too hard on my Bard :rofl:

imagine running T1 and T2 guardians

my arcana has done 4 chaos dungeons and 4 guardians and is almost out of t2
it’s wild how fast the buffs get you through that hell hole

Ummm. Wow has instant max level character boosts.


im sure
except that wasn’t the case at all when i was playing

when you enter an mmo where everyone has been playing for months the early game will always be empty

it is by design
everyone wants to experience the end game and so they play and progress towards it
once there they don’t want to go back to the early game

if you have constant influx of new players sure there will always be players at early levels
please tell me which game has a constant influx of new players to satisfy the low level needs?
aside from lol which is mended by new accounts of people getting banned regularly and still queues in sub lvl 30 go for longer than challenger queues

T1 and T2 are tutorials, that’s it. Also, Smilegate should remove the HP buff patch we got at the beginning, buffing all guardians by 100% HP. It’s still there for some reasons, funny because it’s only in our versions because some angry people cry about the lack of “challenge” when the game get released.

Right now, if they remove the T1/T2 guardian buff, everything should be fine to be solo’ed.

Soon, NO ONE will play T1/T2 at all, and it’s not a symptom of the game dying, it’s pretty much the other way around == you want player population to be in the same bracket sooner than later.