Funny thing about Trixion serv

All server are “busy” or even overloaded with 10K queu, not on Trixion tought, it’s “busy” but playable instant log, BUT there is no one chatting and interracting … what could be the cause of that ?

Howait. cause it’s a low real pop serv only “busy” with bots :smiley:

We can conclude real players are the problem to queues.

Only bots know how to behave and manage server capacity appropriately.

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also prove what is the future of video gaming

It began on arcade
then slowly personnal computer/console, each could play from home
With internet, 3rd step = cloud gaming
then ? bot gaming !

Why playing a game if bot can do it for you ?

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No one chatting coz you have the English filter for chat and Trixion is 90% french populated.

suuuureeeee brooooooo it’s not empty at all a ton of people are speaking x)

(actualy nop, beside some map and guild spam)

Then I don’t believe you when you say that the chat is empty, coz it’s not.