Future class releases and powerpasses

@Roxx Will future releases come with passes or will you extend the feiton pass date so we can use it later?

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Destroyer and Arcana are not popular classes in KR and will be niche classes here, just dont use your powerpasses on them unless you fully understand how lackluster those classes are in endgame content. The longer it takes to release your favourite class the higher chance they will start selling boosts in the shop but the games been out for a few months in NA so need to wait. If they dont include a powerpass for Artist class then thats the biggest mistake lol, reaper or scouter will get the powerpass due to popularity/demand in the feedback like how they just gave us lancemaster and powerpass cause it was a hyped class.

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I saw her make a comment in another thread that seemed to imply they may release passes with some but not all of them. I get the feeling it could be every other release which if that is the case, would mean the one after destroyer would come with a pass.

As for the Feiton pass, it says it doesn’t expire once it has been unlocked/enabled from the inventory…at least mine does. Assuming this isn’t a bug, that would then mean the pass could be used way down the line for one’s desired class.

i understand the frustration, mainly due to lack of communication… but being this angry… getting thru t1/t2 with alt is REALLY easy and fast.

A week of “chaos infinite” (which is not infinite in t1/t2) + tower + event (even with low mats reward like the guardian one) and you get thru it in one week… With bern knowledge you get rid of the long time spent to get lvl 10 => end of silensierra. remain 8 hours to do rohendel/yorn/feiton/papunika… ok there can take time. I know some hate it…

Clearly, this is not an absolute tragedy.
Sad, stupid yes but… clearly not a real problem.

I’m not angry, I just want to know if my pass is going to expire before Reaper releases and I will not have a new one to replace it.

I don’t think it’s a huge injustice to ask about things, it’s not an attack on them.

Not popular, yes. But in terms of endgame, both have damage potential, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Just follow the players doing Kayangel, there are several venturing from Destroyer and Arcana, in version 1580 of the raid. No classes in the game are bad in the endgame, some class were just broken, and the adjustment in the classes was for those that weren’t “broken” to be the same as them.

I didnt speak about anyone but those who are really in angry state, screaming about scandalous.

I also hope AGS continue to improve their communication, be it to ask more clear stance from SMG if needed for such minor point.

The sad part : i think we won’t know if they improve communication about it before the june class release (which would maybe have its own pass, the current ends 14 days after june 16th which is theorical update day, and used for already 2 classes)


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You’re right, communication really needs improvement. It’s like it takes forever and social media table flipping for SG to see our concerns. Hope AGS is properly relaying. :pray:

Also, don’t get me wrong I think they absolutely keeping making dumb decisions so the outrage is a bit warranted. I just like to plan and do wish we had that information. ;u; I would like to see a roadmap with the class releases so I can plan accordingly.

Like they give us info like this:
June release: Arcana (Powerpass)
July release: Scouter (No powerpass)
August release: Summoner (Powerpass)
September release: Reaper (No powerpass)
October release: Artist (Powerpass)

Better yet up it to two class releases a month, embrace the chaos. I care far less about the powerpass than just the releases though, I don’t mind doing the content again on a class I love. c:


I have seen KR streams with destroyers, Ohbenji stream etc, its a hard class to play, a slower surgeblade, and he even says its not ideal to main because it takes so much effort and positioning. Arcana is too RNG based and weak which is why Saintone switched over to sorc, sure in the future things can always get buffed, but the core playstyle of RNG Arcana and slowpoke Destroyer is still challenging for most of the playerbase thats unaware of their gameplay and just think it looks cool also reaper, looks great but squishiest and hard class to survive with, NA will be in for a surprise with floor POV.

some people have used all their 10-50 knowledge transfers, so add 15-ish hours of manual leveling that is completely boring.

We’re getting stuff post-balance patch. Destroyer is like one of the most OP classes in terms of taking MVPs right now. Prepare to lose all your MVPs to a bunch of Destroyers because of how high their damage is right now ON TOP of extreme stagger.

There hammer swing dmg was always the appeal of picking that class, the taunt now helps them land 90% of the attacks but outside of that dmg window its a really slow and you need to position well on mobile boss mechanics, i just think alot of people who are unaware will be complaining thats all, again a niche class.