Future Founder Skins (ex Lance/Sum/Reaper/Arcana/Scouter)

This thread on twitter shows off all of the Platinum Founders Skins for the 5 unreleased classes on NA (Lance Master, Scouter, Arcana, Summoner, and Reaper) presumably from either the RU/JP launches. Has there been any word on if when these classes are released someone who saved their founders pack will receive these skins upon opening or are the platinum founders skins only limited to launch classes with these skins coming in the store or something later on when these new classes actually release? Any info would be awesome on this subject.

I have seen it stated that the platinum founder skin (and nothern lawmaker) is specifically for the current 15 classes only.

When you have the northen lawmaker armor in its own box before opening it says the classes it can be redeemed on.

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The classes are likely gonna be released with their own time limited skins - that has been practice in other regions. The old founder boxes aren’t gonna work.