Future Lance Masters, come gather and work the shaft over here

Piggybacking of that post I saw about people wanting artist, decided to make this since I’ve seen so many people (including myself), asking for her to get added. I like that switching is instant making for flashy combos.
what names did you guys reserve for yours? I have 2 saved already.


You gotta wait a loooong time My boy. Im sorry for You.
Since Lancemaster and scouter seems to be the popular classes they will hold them back for Sure to fully Milk the cow

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i also managed to get a name saved for my LM!
unfortunately, i really think they will keep us waiting for quite awhile… iirc it’s the most wanted class rn

Only sitting on one name for now and that’s Komachi. +10 if know where this name comes from.

Lancemaster is by far the most popular class that is unreleased so I’m hoping they care more about reducing the forums posts about class cadence than they do about trying to use it to lure players back to the game.

Hopefully they realize keeping players in the game and spending is more important in the long run.

I’m so antsy about the roadmap because it will basically determine if I keep playing the game or not. I’m hoping to be surprised but I have a feeling I’ll be disappointed. Let’s hope I’m wrong!!!

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yea I’m kind of in the same spot. not really sure why they wouldn’t want to release something like 1/4 of the player base wants lmao.

Wtf where did You take your Letters?
From a 30-40k reddit Post? Come on the majority of the Playerbase isnt active in this forum or on reddit posts about classes…
Sure Lancemaster seems to be popular But You definitly cant speak for so much.
Fact is this class wont be releasrd in April.

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It’s top in the poll by a large margin and also one of the (the most?) most played classes in Korea. All metrics we have point to it being the most desired class. Doesn’t mean we’ll get it this month though for a variety of reasons.

All metrics we have also point to destroyer/arcana being the least desired classes. You can argue that unless we have a poll that involves everyone who has ever played lost ark we won’t know, and of course that’s technically true, but also not a very constructive or helpful argument to make.

I will surely create a Glaivier as toon, currently main on a Wardancer im hungry for more area effects which the Glaivier sure has in comparison to WD.

Sure there are other classes with more ae, but im in love with martial artist.

“Facts” that didn’t age well. :rofl: