Future language dlcs

Hello, will we have in dlc the possibility of having the language packs in addition like the Japanese?

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Japanese and Russian Voices and texts belong to other publishers, making it impossible for us to get them.

The Idea of Korean V.O was cool, but I prefer Japanese too, because of this, I still stick with Default English V.O.

Translations don’t belong to anyone, it is language. They’d have to use another version separate from the other versions of the game. I highly doubt they can’t do it, they’d just have to do it from scratch. It all comes down to agreements that Smilegate has with the publishers.

I wouldn’t count it out as a future possibility. @Kytana

Translations are work paid by those companies for their version of the game it didn’t pop out of thin air, be it voice over or text translations. so they sure belong to them at least to some degree.

Trying to use them on our region without paying royalties or w/e if they even agree to that is like asking to get sued. We got lucky that Smilegate agreed to let us have KR V.O. because they didn’t let RU or JP have them afaik (if they even asked about it).

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I don’t disagree, I was speaking directly about the language itself, not the work. Yes, someone would have to complete the work again for our version, but saying they won’t or can’t isn’t correct. It is up to Smilegate/AGS if they want that work completed for our version.