Future Plans for EUW

Can we get any information regarding the state of “we are looking for a solution?”

What kind of solution are you talking about?
1460+ and several T3 1370 Chars, 90% Collectibles + more than 1000 hours of playtime and yet I would be ready to restart on EUC, if there were any information at all.

Are you trying to make a region merge possible or is the solution you are talking about a server merge? How long do you think it will take to get ANY official information at all? All I read is “wait for official news” but there has never been any official news regarding this topic.

If I restart on EUC I need at least 3 months to get to the point where I am now. Maybe even more. So if I waste 2 months on EUC just to get a merge then I just gonna quit this game.
If there is actually NO hope to get ever get a region merge I can actually restart on EUC right now and stop wasting time on EUW.

Any useful information?? @Roxx @Shadow_Fox @Sandovall


Hey, at least you can farm Isle of Yearning without the whole server being there.

I created a post on this topic. see link

I moved from EUW to EUC shortly after the post when the Feiton pass and express event dropped as I had and still have no faith that AGS or Smilegate will solution the problem.

The way I see it, the hardcore EUW players have restarted on EUC and AGS are waiting for the remaining few (you in other words) to move over once the next Punika pass and express event in dropped.

Problem solved from AGS/Smilegates point of view. Sad I know, but true unfortunately.

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Don’t think there are any hardcore players on EUW, just casuals that went EUW because they didn’t have time to wait in queues to EUC. That’s the reason why it’s dead.

That’s just a weird assumption and a generalization.


Server will just die. Everyone knew that from the beginning.


Everyone knew that from the beginning.

Can we stop having this type of comments? They’re generalizing, useless and just plain wrong.
If everyone knew it, they wouldn’t have created that region in first place since they’d know wouldn’t they?

Ever thought about someone just picking up the game and reading that EUC is full and EUW just opened and thought to just start playing there?

Be glad that you didn’t join EUW and stop posting this nonsense.


No idea how behaviour like “everyone knew it/it’s your own fault” is even allowed in this forum. Just be happy you are on an active server/region and stop being such dicks?

Some people just didnt have any other option but joining EUW.
Nobody needs your opinion aka “everyone knew this would happen/every hardcore gamer already restarted on EUC” it’s neither helpful nor the truth.

What I’m asking for is official information. What are the actual plans/solutions you are looking for?
All we get to read for the last 2-3 months is something like “we are looking” - but they can’t even tell us what excactly they are looking for


I didn’t see a CM reply for this in the last few threads regarding this issue unfortunately… Maybe Roxx or Shadowfox will say something about that issue, because the Region is bound to be an L at this point. They need to merge regions asap

It’s a social experiment to see how long people can play an MMO cut off from 99% of the population.

EUW is a constant reminder of gaint mistakes AGS did.
Their failure to plan and to know limits of their servers/tech/game became a trap to players.

There should have been 2 regions from the start of release (or better early start).

They failed that so when that 1 EU region filled up to the brink.
They kept adding servers without thinking or knowing there was a limit to this.

They failed that so then we are left with 1 region with almost all players and 1 region that is forsaken.

AGS would rather just try and forget about EUW.
Maybe something changes in 2023 if smilegate happen to make transfer tech unrelated to any desires from the west

Definitely interested in this, but more from a market perspective and EUW is active very server-specific.

I really do not want to see server merges though that would kill any originality on character names people have chosen for each class.

Of course there are. My guild is in the range 1460-1500Ilvl, one of the hard core guilds in WoW. Cleared Valtan HM and Vykas HM on the release day for 3 hours. Moonkeep on EUW has a lot of hardcores. But one server can’t fix the whole region and can’t fix the market.

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help @Roxx @Shadow_Fox ? :frowning:

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Please CMs, we need something other that the “we are looking into it” typical reply we usually get.

Things are dire. Please.

@Roxx @Shadow_Fox

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Its hard for CM since they are just, you know CM, they probably have no idea if it’s possible. they have to report it to Ags team which are ef probably clueless as well and have to report it to SG teams who might never deal with this kind of problem since Kr server is different from EU regions. So maybe just switch and enjoy if your friends already did

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Wait for the next PP and come over to us on EUC :sun_with_face:, dont bother waiting for them to tell you that transfers will never happen :cloud_with_rain:.

yeah yeah people to leave over 1000 hours like that. The problem is not in lvl character or honing, almost no one will make the whole horizontal content again :wink:

word around that they will merge all servers into one server in EUW

Well 2 servers probably, there are more people then one server. But the problem with the market will not be solved.