Future Team Queue?

Do you think we will ever see team queue for comp PvP? Does anyone know if KR/RU has anything like this yet?

I find it hard to want to keep playing PvP when I know I won’t be able to play with friends.

No, and it almost never will.

Why? Tournament meta is double support + dps (paladin + bard), what does that mean? People who are playing for ranks and grinding are almost always going to default to that since that’s one of the strongest team pairings and well, it’s ranked.

Btw, you can play with your friends, just in normals or customs., just not in ranked.

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Most tournaments ban double support.

Only in the west, and its more of a community rule. Kr it’s free game

So in KR you can queue ranked with people but not NA?

No. Read with understanding. They can queue as a team only during not official tournaments.