FYI Yoz's jar is same as 20 wep cheaper than 22

I prefer evidence, but you are welcome to live in dream world.

You want evidence on the eve of change. That’s living in a dream world.

Yet I was asked to provide some, did and now you can just pretend it doesn’t matter. Cool.

Edit: won’t be responding anymore.

yoz jar is removed because of EU… do u guys believe every bait that’s thrown in ur face?

yo someone can call another cute but actually they thinking “he looks dumb af”

you think AGS removed it just because of some measly 2% stats per skin? yooooo if they can earn, AGS will sip every single penny you can throw to them. read the news, ok


Well, let’s use your overwatch example. You don’t believe things will change, but since overwatch, there has been change. 2 countries banned loot boxes 3 years ago, and now, the entire continent is talking about it this week to make international laws around it. There is evidence of change, doomer.

If you really think the price of the skin at launch will be 100k your are just clueless LOL
Zeals (a Kr streamer) was expecting like 900k gold for the skin

Glad I 1 tapped 21 and 3 tapped to 22 damn that’s expensive.

How much gold was it in the end?

Well, the Skin price will be only related to the f4 gold price, so the cost will be under 100k as long as the blue crystal stay below let’s say 1000.
Steamers make big clickbaity title and claim, but that does not mean what they say is true. Currently, if we have 800 blue crystal price, the cost is about 100k if u just buy skins from F4 directly and dismantle to craft it. So it will be cheaper if u buy some from auction house

Skins prices are not always related to Blue crystal prices, just look at neria skins at release the prices were waaay higher the dress costed like 15k gold and now the average daily price is 1k gold, there is absolute no way the legendary skin cost 100k at launch for a full set thats impossible, i was willing to pay 100k per piece.

In kr there are some Legendary skins (1 piece) for 100k gold (but yeah, they generate more gold than us)

It sounds like you were supportive of this system. I don’t quite understand why, because the skins will come out eventually without being encapsulated inside a chance box where you are almost guaranteed to pay more than you would by just buying the skin.

legendary skins being tradeable makes them just an expensive upgrade and fundamentally identical to a normal item.

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Either way, the fact that we have one less form of gambling is a good thing in my eyes.

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See, If they want to put a 70/80 bucks price on a premium skin, although that’s a ridiculous price, there is nothing wrong with them putting whatever price they want on their products. And if people like the skin, they will buy it. It’s totally transparent and people have a clear choice.

The issue is not knowing the price of the skin and the odds of winning, and the skin being deceptively disguised inside of a Rubix Cube box.



A regular skin still only 15k tho.
The 100k skin u mentioned is season 1 skin that is no longer obtainable.

Plus if the auction house’s purple skin price goes higher than usual, the whale will then exchange Royal to skin to gold, it will always keep the price in check within the range of the 238royal to gold price.

Please show me where you find the “100k at launch, 50k month after” statement. I’d like to know who is able to control the market so much they can boast such a statement.

U can calculate based on the F4 gold price, because the skin to dismantle can be bought with royal crystal and have a cap that if it went higher, there will be more ppl selling skin than in F4, base on current price in the auction house, it is only about 60k

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Because EU is trying to pass a law banning games with lootboxes and they don’t want to have to deal with reworking it AFTER it gets released. that’s the real reason.