At this point, I’m just done. Amazon had bad support for NW and now bad support for a game that works fine in RU and KR.

I submitted a ticket yesterday about error code G0-9-SPELPWP1P2NT. I did not start getting this error until after the last maintenance on the 15th. I see tons of people on the forums talking about the same issues and no responses from Amazon. I got a response via ticket last night and it said they were aware of this issue and it would be fixed in the next weekly patch which was today 2/17

There was no mention in patch notes about this error but I gave it benefit of the doubt logged into the game and still… Get that error game closes.

I have followed all steps / recommendations by both staff here in the forums and things players tried that didn’t work.

Have no VPN
Disabled ipv6
Made sure drivers are up today (PC is only 4 months old I just built it, top notch)
flushed my DNS and I get on average 10 ms so I’m not experiencing lag.
repaired game, repaired eac, reinstalled game.
I don’t use windows firewall so that isn’t an issue I have windows defender completely disabled. Furthermore the game worked from the day founder early access started up until post maintenance on the 15th.

Here is my dxdiag

It’s unplayable log in, get that error. Tired of losing my weekly and daily logouts to an issue they created at this point I don’t even care we don’t get compensation what is the point of compensation when most of us literally can’t even play the damn game.

I have the same exact error, mainly in dungeons.
Did the same remedies, and still have this error.
I play on EU/sirius.

I have high-end PC, and no issues in other games, even with easy anti cheat. (BDO)

What is going on?

SAme for my no trouble with any other game. im just getting tired of this message can’t even run a chaos dungoen or anything without this message popping up.

Yep same here and opening a ticket doesn’t seem to help they just lie. They didn’t even post anything in patch notes about it.

I have the same error since day 1. I feel you, bro, but I don’t understand, what you expect from customer support of the game that live 7 days and have a lot of problems.
I read a lot of forums, included Koreans and this issue, is both ends server/client, and it could be a lot of things. There is no one solution fits all, unfortunately. We should try various things to fix, it.
I try many of fixes, but without success, so far. Some people reported, that one of these solutions helps them fix it.
And BTW, it doesn’t matter if your PC is high-end PC.

And BTW, it doesn’t matter if your PC is high-end PC.

Clearly lol