G0X9-SPELPWP1P2NT - can't connect to the server; exiting the game

US NA - Mari Server
Unable to connect to server after multiple attempts - able to get in but once I’m in the game.

I just purchased the “battle pass” and other in-game items and of course as soon as I do that the game no longer works !

I’ve followed all the direction in your previous post and it’s unrelated to the firewall. Please help or refund me! I just want to play with my friends.

Thanks in advance for your help and any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Previous Post - Followed these directions below:

Hello @encisteez! Wishing you a great day.
Thank you for reaching out with your concerns.

I’d suggest contacting our live chat here: Contact Us | Amazon Games , so that the team can escalate the issue and update on the progress to a fix.

I hope this helps!