I was uploading my character and when I clicked on an NPC the game closed and every time I tried to log in the character I got this error again, my other characters log in normally.
what can I do?


the same, I just threw that error 5 minutes ago. Hopefully they fix it soon.
server: vern

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same here and everyone that tries to log with main char in Vern… Frustrating

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I also just got a weird connection error, forcing me to close my game. As I restarted it I now can’t access that specific character, even though I can access the others… What is going on here?

For clarification, I was currently in Facility X-301 island (doing Journey quest for second awakening). Mid-way through enemies just stopped responding to my skills and after a few seconds I got the error.

Same error here:

Server: Vern
Character name: Kathulu
Region: SA

Just happened to me while trying to enter Asura island dungeon, also on Vern

I have the same problem, on Moonkeep EUWest

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Have the same issue on Moonkeep EUWest
Character == Aratia

same here

Same error here: G0x9-SPELPWP1P2NT. Game crashed while heading to Trixion.

Server: Vern (SA)
Char name: Kazestormz

Same error here: i can log into me alts but not me main character if i log into me main i get that error to
Eu West
Server: Moonkeep
Char: Starplatinum

Same Vern SA

Same here.
EU West
Character: Quorgyle

Got stuck in a dungeon in Rohendel.

Same problem. I was entering Shadespire when my character disconnected. The same error pops-up when I try to log in.

EU West - Moonkeep - Char name: Ysang

~~ try the game later, it’s possible it might be an issue with the internet as well - so consider contacting your ISP~~~~

support answer… as you can see, they tell is our internet but clearly is not, everyone has the same problem here

Mismo problema en la isla de la reminiscencia, me quede bug justo cuando estaba entrando a la mazmorra.
Servidor: Vern (SA)
Nombre: Xmati

Ivyson [21:26:00] : This is also the same error code: https://forums.playlostark.com/t/consta…(See full link)

Ivyson [21:26:00] : One of the players contacted their ISP, hence I recommended to contact them just to check

Ivyson [21:26:00] : Otherwise, Dev are already aware of this issue :slight_smile:

is not isp problem…

Same here! Hopefully they dont delete our inventory too when iv hoarded all card packs and stuff iv bought from Maris shop in my inventory “by accident”.

Region: EUW
Server: Moonkeep
Character: Mirakuruu

same here, VERN SA, character: Tskl

my other character is normal!

For me same problem Server Moonkeep EUW