As others have shared, we’re working on getting this fixed now! [Server Restarts] Vern and Moonkeep Server Restarts - 3/2


Finally the Vern server got his needed attention! Not only today it’s having some kind of connection issue. Every single day me and my friends got at least 3 DC’s when things are working the best way.

Thank you! Even though it needed a major problem to happen.

This happens to me every couple of hours.

Server: Una

The server restarts have been completed – we will be closely monitoring to make sure there are no outstanding issues. Thanks!


Hello dear @Roxx

Can you do the same for Trixion server please ?

it’s driving me nuts, i keep getting G0x9-SPELPWP1P2NT every 15 or so minutes and every time i enter donjon or guardian or abysse and lose all my entry tickets and time

i did a thread about this, you can probably find it, we’re at least 15 players on it having the same issue, and french forums show a lot of thread about this too.

thanks you =(

Hello Sir,
its same and im getting errors every 20 minutes
i cant play properly
not was like that before 5-6 days i guess



Same thing here i’m on : Kadan EU Central
Name : Killikk

I’m having huge lags in game and can’t play at all i can send a video footage if needed, i’m having disconnections every 30-60 minutes and the same error message appears…

Need help pls

I have exacly same issue as you since yesterday 11pm
it happens on all of my characters… the game is just unplayable, i have more than 340 hours since launch and 2 characters at T3.
Server: Neria
Character: Jieun / Chitanda / Linoa

maintenance didnt fix the issue.
First run on Chaos Dungeon worked fine,
second run I get DCed after 1 minute.

this morning at 8am I had no issues at all, now at noon when lot of people are connected it throws the error.
Clearly not a client problem.

same problem here, i lost two bonus chaos dunjeon since yesterday cause of this error.
server : calvasus
region : eu central
nickname : Perkcucumber

Same here
All my 9 char

Same thing here, can’t play for more than 20 min before huge lags resulting in a deco… Kbrax on Trixion EUC lost my chaos gate entry. Same thing happens on all alts.

This just happened right now on Mokoko server. 34k ms followed by d/c. What’s happening?

Same problem on Trixion for me, can’t play any group content.

same here, but mobile connection seems to be more relient… such a shame both my ghost ship and chaos gate are claimed while I get kicked out of the instance so no weekly rewards for me… nice vacation timing

Same for Calvasus

same for zinnervale

Same for Trixion

I’m experiencing the problem since yesterday night on the EU central Spectrum server
Got the error message several time and you can’t do anything else than press"ok" and it closes the game.
It happens after major lags issues, moving from 16ms to up + 500 and more.
Initially I thought it was due to the fact that I was fighting several mobs (Chaos dungeons solo) but it happened also when I was standing in from of an NPC doing nothing.

This problem is happening on several servers (USA, EU C or W), this has to be fixed fast as it’s a game breaking issue.

I’m seeing more and more reports here and all over discords. Started happening today on my side as well. Please fix @Roxx @Seawolf, this is game breaking.

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