G1 Vykas blue side Morphe is bugged

After this week’s maintenance I experienced on ALL my characters that blue side Morphe does some kind of invisible attacks that don’t correspond with the telegraphs. Not an issue on overgeared characters, but on ilv alts just get one shot out of nowhere.

Definitely isn’t lag or skill issue - happens to other people I was in raid with too and only on blue side Morphe, all other raids and gates are fine. Also I hadn’t experienced these random invisible attacks last week as far as I remember.

Would be cool if you could record this happening using nvidea’s shadowplay to save the last X minutes of gameplay or something similar. Have not encountered this yet but would love to see it happening

Well even if I recorded it, the point is that you can’t see it, lol. Your HP just drops down out of nowhere and that’s it. Seems to happen more often when Morphe is near the corners of the boss arena. But I will try to get some footage on some character that didn’t run Vykas yet.

Thanks for reporting this, wis. What is your character name and server name?