G3 Clown Saw- need tips

Hey guys,

I keep dying from the saw mech during the Mario 1 phase. This is despite being a swift build.

I did succeed a few times but i would say that 1/10 tries is a success.

I learned that:
1 . Seems like it’s risky to stop in between the saws or else you die by like 1 pixel and it’s better to run up and down with it.
2. Might be easier to stick to either top or bottom
3. There are certain windows where you can run the whole thing.

Does anyone have any tips on where to start, when to run it, how to run it, or how to properly spot the windows, etc?

Please and thanks


Always start running from the bottom, LA UI is better in this zone.

Start bottom and see the patterns you got, you are faster than the saw, so you can run up or down to get to a better spot before they touched you.

I know it’s not a lot but other than practice theres nothing else I can think about that could help you out there, hope you’ll get this down soon !

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Hi, cleared clown 3 times as bard. Here’s what I do.

At the start. Wait just a tick. This is because there’s one pattern with a saw right in front of you. If you dont get this pattern you can generally make it to the middle column. If you do, take it slow.

Try to visualise how far the gaps are between the saws. This is crucial if you try to run bottom, since you need to be able to know when the next saw will spawn in rows that go from bottom to top.

It sounds a bit scary but the safest spot is on the row that goes top to bottom. Go between the saws until there is a gap in the bottom to top row. Also note that you can run in the fire at the bottom for a bit where necessary.

If you need further help, watch clear runs and try to visualise yourself doing it. That might help idk.

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Thanks guys. Will try and hopefully clear G3!

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When I progress I also died many times.
My tipp is be patian dont rush,you have more than enough time to do stagger. This also true when you do mario or dodgeing hook.
Between 2 saw have more than enough space so just wait clear opening to move forward. Later when you use to it you easily rush throught it. So just do slowly and dont panic

I ran trough it countless times by now. Actually I never tried the bottom route - always top.
Cant even remember when I failed last time but if I would have to put a number on it i would say I fail once out of 10 trys at maximum.
As someone said above, wait a tick to see the patterns. Then you usually can run trough the first 2. If you get blocked just move vertical up or down with the saw until your path is free again.
As I am going top, I always remember where the spawns are for blades moving top to bot. Try to avoid those spawns at all cost. While progressing this raid I experienced spawns directly below your char and insta kill.
Also dont hurry, if you are using WW grenade and stagger spells you should be fine.

Run through the bottom side, and worry more about doding saws and less about being fast.

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Use quick robe

Its very simple what I do as sorc that has no swiftness you follow this simple rule: slow saw = walk around, fast saw = spacebar (not thru the saw just dash thru the gap between) and hooks the hitboxes are shadows on ground ignore what you see floating above.