G6 Reclear party experience

U see this title u join in
U see everybody has Brel Horns from G6
U think to yourself eeey lets do this
After 40 minutes of trying to get to Shandi with 8 people alive u leave the group
Peoeple that have Brel Horns does not mean they know what they are doing :slight_smile:
Especially with the meteors :wink:


Its stil to early G6 its not a cakewalk.

Many people that done G6 have it done with Static/Discord. So there was always someone say where to go with Meteor etc.

Thats my experience.

And many people skip G6 cuz its Optional. So there a people that have maybe through the weeks only 1-2 Kill Exp.

And G6 is like G3 kakul you can F-Up easly. I for my exampel i do G6 only once on each Char to get Horns

Horns = ez g1-g5 join and done. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nah i think G6 is easy once u understand whats going on and many people are clueless even if they have those horns
I had one situation where we basically cleared it 7 man because the artilerist was dead since 212 bars untill the kill
So i guess there is alot of people like this guy


Yes G6 can be even done with less people.

Yes maybe if the people know the Boss. But like i sayd there are people with titel/horns that are Guides through Voice. And then they try with an alt Pub or something is another story the momment they have noone to guide.

Its to early. Give these people few weeks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Gate 6 busses are so cheap that 90% with just horns are imposters.


We call them, AGENTS.


I have to agree busses for G6 are super cheap and i also believe most people bought their horns just to be done with it and get easy invites for reclear parties

there are lot of busses for 15k G6 & 40K G5-G6, lot of players just got horns that way & they don’t know what they’re doing.


G4 has the most sheet going on and lots of mechanics and you decided to skip G6? Dude, you passed G1 to G5 and no balls to go G6 the 2nd time?

very true

3th time did 2/6 chars brell g6 i have no time like OP sayd for imposter runs.

There are imposter in g3 to g5. Well, if you said time is your best enemy, then you have a valid reason not to do it. Sucks to be a grown up person.


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All of my clear so far (6) was only with 1 or 2 people being alive until the very end, most of them died on shandi cause no pings or they died after shandi because of some bs like falling off or dropping meteor and something spawned on them like the purple stun thingy or pizza or the boss and they couldn’t move. Once I placed yellow meteor on 6 while the 5 tile was broken down so I tried to go straight-7ish but then I saw brelshaza COMING TO ME and she literally was pushing me backwards lol I tried my best to go around her but I couldn’t, and I even used speed robewhen I placed the meteor but nothing, not even dodge helped me at that moment. Sad death I suck I know :frowning:
But yeah many people literally got carried, 2 of my friends also kinda noobs and they die all the time even before shandi and have no idea what happens after that, but they have horn and 5x achi so they are accepted everytime lmao.

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The best death i saw was grab into yellow metor the one died had 0 chance to survive.

the best deaths are when she does the red/yellow in out mech then does a wide sweep yellow knockback

thats a kekw story literally

Btw another thing what my MMO experience is.

Reclear are not mean u go in 1 try and done. Its just means u have kill exp and gona kill the boss somehow if lucky 1 try.

But if u want 1 try runs call it oneshot runs.

So for my part is just QQ about reclear runs.

reclears some gud some bad

G6 is a trash raid tho apparently not liked in KR something something not mentioned

  • Shapes inverse is a time waster annoying in beginning easy wipe easy reset
  • Beginning to 212 bars fight is a Zergfest which makes it annoying literally no point.
  • 28 Shapes Inanna another cheap tee hee restart button
  • Some classes cant move diagonally fast enough AND can get body blocked
  • Shandi small black hole is also bugged
  • After it vibrates if u enter early u can die straight up BS so u wait for 2nd vibrate to be sure.
  • Point is these incompetent devs should’ve fixed this crap.

Its basically Clown G3 2.0 except its easier than clown since u only need 1-2 people alive post Shandi to beat raid on item lvl. But what is clear like with the messed up hit boxes in Mario, Saws, hooks- these devs make BS mechs and gotcha moments due to lazy coding. Instead of fixing their spaghetti code, they tell community to deal with it and nerf raids due to BS incompetence. The fanboys called their crap coding “hard” yeah buddy copium. In general, a lot of the ingame mechs you cant trust your eyes because what you EXPECT to happen does not occur on screen. So you basically overtime develop a behavioral pattern for LOA’s BS. These raids are frankly very unpolished and cause BS kills like following:


Crap like this makes progging annoying and doing raids a bore so don’t blame em too much. Blame the people who designed these crao raids where people are not dying to mechs but because hit box or certain mechs are not working as intended. Literally playing around bugs and yet call this a good game. No wonder its F2P game still in Beta folks. Garuntee Akkan is going to have BS mechs bugs too. Brel G6 has an easy bug exploit and all the bussers know bout it prob why G6 so cheap in your region.


I LOVE BUGS on G3 clown especially the bomb stunning u because of desync or 0,2 second lagg
OR falling down to your death because u fell down to your death while running forward trying to jump the gap on mario’s u just fall down even tho u clicked W or u clicked G
I love those desync bugs or laggs

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