Galatur Account Issues

If you are experiencing issues with your account missing the main story quest or other missing things as a result of the downtime please submit a support ticket and provide your character name, explain you were on the Galatur server, and outline what is missing from your account. The team will verify the info and will try to help restoring the missing things.

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If an agent gives you a weird answer like directing you to the forums or telling you to submit a report in-game. That person is wrong and giving you the wrong answer. Human error happens. I am asking support to check with all their agents to make sure they all understand how to receive your tickets.

The team is 100% working through them however, they could only make progress when the servers are live. So today’s launch downtime really held us back from resolving this for you. But fixing all of your accounts is a top priority for us and we’re going to be working very hard to resolve these issues for you and get you finding Ark pieces.

Thank you for your patience!

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