Galatur Explorers Pack

If your MSQ was effected by server down you got a free explorers pack… Scratch that… Half the server got just it regardless of being effected. When you go to make a ticket/chat with a GM they will say O well even if you did get kicked during that down time and couldn’t play you do not get one even if we did give them to TONS of people that did not get effected by the msq bug. SO another disadvatange placed upon some people of galatur and not others yet again.

So question… Did you get an explorers pack? Where you effected by the MSQ Bug?

Quick asking in my guild 10 people got it… only 5 of those people had issues with their MSQ… so seems amazon support is just playing fav’s at this point gl being a fav!

Quick Question in my servers general chat… 10 people just said hey I got one without my MSQ being an issue… Sooo guess some people get 10k gold and others don’t due to tradable items? Same playing field yet amazon gives out goodies to only some and not others ?

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I got the Galatur Explorers pack yesterday.

I had submitted a ticket last week about my main character’s MSQ bug and I posted my character info multiple times in the big Galatur Official Thread.

I’m assuming that’s how they tagged people who were due some sort of compensation.

If you didn’t get one, submit a ticket and post on that Galatur Server thread.

It was 17K affected accounts, so it might be a slow rollout as well.

Note I didn’t get get 10K Gold. I got a free Mount and 300 Jewel things, along with the other character chest freebies. Plus that 30 day aura thing.