Galatur Main Quest Gone

Going on day 2 and half days from when the Galatur server went under a maintenance. My character no longer shows the main quest or any quest at that. I disconnected when the server went down and logged back in the next morning to having no main story quest line. Therefore I can’t progress through the game.
Character name: Magiceh
Server: Galatur
Character Class: Deathblade
Character Combat Level: 23
Character Roster Level: 11
Last completed main quest: Fortress Under Attack
Last completed side quest: We Need Meat
Disconnected during the cut scene entering Zagoras Fortress
Problem need fixes: Main Quest line is not showing up anywhere.

Ticket was submitted the morning it happened

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@Seawolf @Roxx @TrevzorFTW

@Seawolf, sorry I just saw your post from about 40 minutes ago. Thank you for giving some inside on what is being done for us. Very much appreciate it.

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@Seawolf @Roxx @TrevzorFTW I am experiencing the same issue
Name: Uncommon
Server: Galartur

Please help! as i have used my founders pack on the character and would like to be able to continue the game… thanks!

You have to be online for them to fix your problem. That’s what I’ve learned

@Seawolf @Roxx @TrevzorFTW

i have the same problem pls help


Same. Sucks this happened on Day 2 of the 3 day head start.

Name: Anarxix
Server: Galatur

Please fix at your earliest convenience! Thanks!

I am also having the same problem. I have not been able to progress past Rethramis.

Name: Bandidodurito
Server: Galatur

I’m not a dev but they are working on it right now. Guys y’all have to be online for them to help. Devs and customer support is helping us. WE ARE GETTING HELP

If we’re supposed to be online for them to fix it, and it takes two days for them to reply back through the ticket system with “The developers understand the issue and are working ASAP to fix it”, then how are we supposed to know this? This is the first time hearing about having to be online.

The avg response time is two days, how are we supposed to know when to go online to sync with them? Just sit idly AFK throughout the day?

I just spoke to live support and they said the info about having to be online in order for them to fix the issue is inaccurate information. Then again, all live support DID have to say was to keep an eye out on your email for more info.

Man I’ll take anything at this point.

I was online running around and then bam it appeared. You have to in the character that has the issue. The information I told you is what I was told from 2 mods in another thread.

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That’s the thread

Interesting. I believe you, I just wish game support and the mods/devs were on the same page as to not confuse anyone like I’ve been. Thanks for the reply though.