Galatur main quest loss still isn't fixed

There are still a lot of upset people on the Galatur server whose main characters are still dead in the water and can’t progress because they have no quests and can’t pickup any quests. We have put in tickets and nobody is doing anything. It’s been 2 days now that we haven’t been able to play at all. This is horrible business.

its actual absurd also cant play with friends bc they locked all early acc servers so ive had to make a new chara on a new server and just leave my main to do nothing truly unfortunate

One of the support mods is claiming to make a spreadsheet of people they need to fix this for but there is way too many. I’m starting not to trust anything they say at this point. They have given us such a runaround and a bunch of excuses instead of fixing this major issue. People cannot play their invested character. The whole purpose of early start is wasted and lost. Bastards.

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Can confirm I am making a list of folks who have provided character names to escalate to Support but also be sure to check these two posts.

and follow our Official discussion thread for this issue: Official Galatur Thread