Galatur Main Story Questline is gone

Lastnight while progressing through the main story line , Galatur server went down. I was loading into a Scenario when it happened. i return this morning , and my quest content is gone and im reverted back an entire level. Please help.

It seems like a prevalent issue for folks.

If you are experiencing issues with your account missing the main story quest or other missing things as a result of the downtime please submit a support ticket and provide your character name, explain you were on the Galatur server, and outline what is missing from your account. The team will verify the info and help restore the missing things. Contact Us | Amazon Games

yeah man just submit a ticket … sit back and wait i suppose

My friend has had the same issue, he sent a ticket but now he has no main quest to progress

Do a live chat, otherwise you’ll get generic emails about 3 times before it even gets a real ticket

yeah ive done it i posted another thread about it with the entire conversation with the rep

Please check out News Post on this topics to find the steps you can take to resolve this issue.

and follow our Official discussion thread for this issue: Official Galatur Thread