Galatur missing quest line - chat with Amazon

Me [6:59:15 AM] : i really just am looking for Clarification and whats next.

John Best [6:59:37 AM] : I’ll be raising this directly to our game developers brandon so that they can come up for a solution right away.

Me [7:00:12 AM] : just give everyone this affects a power pass on a chracter to 50 :slight_smile: easy day

Me [7:00:25 AM] : but i understand lol. thats the way it usuallly goes.

Me [7:01:04 AM] : will we know when the issue has been resolved? via email ? Twitter update ? forum update?

John Best [7:01:33 AM] : Really sorry for that brandon, we don’t want our customers to experience this with this award gaming and much awaited game, that’s why we will take actions right away and have our developers handle it as soon as possible.

John Best [7:01:57 AM] : I will set up a follow up brandon via email for you so that i can reach you right away once we have an update from our developers.
John Best [7:02:19 AM] : By the way i need to ask you a few questions in raising this concern brandon is that alright?

Me [7:02:31 AM] : sure thing

John Best [7:02:58 AM] : Alright thank you, let us start with your character name.

Me [7:03:37 AM] : Swolebro

John Best [7:03:46 AM] : And galathur is the server right?

Me [7:04:07 AM] : yes

Me [7:04:09 AM] : Galatur

John Best [7:06:10 AM] : Thank you brandon, allow me to submit this escalation for 3-5 minutes, just stay connected thank you.

Me [7:06:36 AM] : sounds great , thanks! i also emailed my Dxdiag logs over to a customer service rep as well through a ticket i submitted.

John Best [7:07:08 AM] : That is great brandon thank you for doing that, let me finalize this escalation here in my end as well.

yeah i contacted the mtoo cause my world quest vanished and i cant progress they said there working on it so i guese we jsut wait and do other forms of content il lhit level 50 when they game actualy launches glad i paid to beta test there game

yeah , seems chatting with a Live Rep is much more beneficial than a ticket where its the generic copy/paste response

Definitely keep us updated if they figure something out.

pretty much in short the Rep ended with " Ok ive finalized the escalation for you on my end , ill be in contact with you via email when i know more on this issue/fix for your character"

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