Galatur MSQ Has anyone been fixed yet?

Just as the title states I’m curious if anyone has been given their MSQ back and working, I don’t think I’ve encountered a single person yet that has had this issue resolved. Quite unfortunate because I’m loving the game a LOT but this fiasco has been horrendous, feels like we’ve been swept under the rug with F2P launch and everything. Regretting that platinum 100$ purchase a lot right now… Hopefully we can get some spotlight shone on us. Thank you for your time.

I’ve been trying to work on getting some information for the last two days! Finally I’ve gotten some useful information from the 5th live chat agent I’ve spoken with today at AGS just now. When you submit a ticket, it is reviewed by a tech, and apparently you have to be online in-game in order to receive the quest. They told me that they noted my account to have the quests added earlier today – and I had happened to be at a tattoo appointment. It’s a bit stupid that you have to be online for them to add the quest, but it seemed like that was a requirement. They said that they added another note to my case about the fact that I was now currently online and looking for an update.

Thanks for the info! So giving them the benefit of doubt some of us that put it in our tickets right away may have been passed over because we were offline, I hope this is the case but I’m still having some doubt. Have yet to encountered anyone thats actually been “fixed” from their MSQ woes on Galatur.

Hello @piqued @sandor.hornyak
As of right now, this would be the latest update regarding the issues with Galatur:

Also, this official thread has been created to keep the discussion centralized:

Hello My character is Cleftwonder on Galatur, I still do not have my MSQ back and have filed a ticket and call AGS directly.

I have put in a ticket…twice. I was one of the first ones to report this and my character is still broken. I had just finished up the “Monastery on the Brink” quest at level 24 when the main quest disappeared off my list. Please help me fix this and I will get out of your hair and move on. Thank you.

Character name: Xyyth
Server: Galatur

Bank Account #: 0018755731

Take all my cash. Just fix my broken game please.

Character name: Sygrun
Server: Galatur
MSQ disappeared 3 days ago pls help, i already subbmit 3 tickets but no response
my first ticket is D39192691


Character Name: Azkaban
Server: Galatur
MSQ has been gone since the first random maintenance, I’ve summited about 5 tickets with no response.

Love your game and would love even more to get back to playing it.

Hello guys, thank you so much for the info, it would be amazing if you can post here

Character Name - Ublala
Server - Galatur
MSQ has been gone for days now and I have submitted about 3 tickets already with no result.

Can anyone help me?

Character Name: Kratosblack
Server: Galatur
MSQ has been broken for days now, I’ve sent a ticket in since it happened and no real response yet.

It’s been awhile now. Please update us.

Character name : Datura

Online and ready IGN:Reacts Server:Galatur Issue: no MSQ last mission was clear stormcry grotto

You need to go to the Official Gatatur forum post and give Seawolf or whatever mod is working that forum that day your character name and state which MQ you need replaced and then you need to login to that character online. He fixed mine in like 2 minutes and I haven’t had any issues since.

Official Galatur Thread - Game Support / English Support - Lost Ark Forums (

Main Character: Godknight
Server: Galatur
Got a message in game mailbox on my main that we have to be on in order got through main quest to be restored but I was on for hours today and still no fix. Does the account need to be active like leveling and alt because it’s hard to stay on the main for hours without quests to do.