Galatur no msq still

after this mess of a launch i finally log in and there is NO MSQ. I missed out on 1 day of early access of progression now im missing out on launch date to continue my journey. i cant take this anymore. i submitted 2 tickets. this is now my SECOND post. WHY cant you HELP? i DONT want a new server, i DONT want a new name and i DOOOOOOOONT want to start over.


they probably dont care, its a small percentage of players on a single server. we are stuck with losing out on our progression and packs that were done on said characters

It is extremely frustrating.

I sent a ticket yesterday and did eventually get a response of ‘we know’ but the lack of anything being said about our issue by the staff just feels wrong…

it is wrong we shouldn’t be suffering from a mistake THEY made.

Please check out News Post on this topics to find the steps you can take to resolve this issue.