Galatur Player received an in-game mail and not an email about serious account issue


I am a new mmo player and this is my first one. I am having a great time so far and I am enjoying my first class. I have been having fun doing all kinds of activities but I have been having some road blocks.

I first noticed when I hit level 50 460 gear score it tells me to go to a new area but it says the pre quests have not been fulfilled. So, I check the quest journal and it says I have it completed and I am the required rank.

I figured no big deal I’ll just do something else, so I started traveling to islands and collect mokoko seeds and having a good time.

During this time I had a new Mail Icon that said I have a notification but i couldn’t click on it so this morning I was in Vern Castle and I though to check the mail NPC.

Here’s the letter the NPC has:

Dear Galatur Player,
We want to address the issue you encountered as fairly as possible. It requires manual editing while each affected player is online, making fixing these characters a slow process. Please Know if you really want to save your original character you can work with customer support, but it will take some time.

I was kind of confused because I wondered why I didn’t receive an official email about my account and instead only received an in-game email.

I went to Play Lost Ark and clicked support and went to live chat with a representative to notify that I want to keep my character and I was told to check my email.
I checked my email and the only emails I have received are my steam purchases and my account and that my prime membership is going up a couple or few dollars a month.
I looked up Amazon and Lost Ark in my emails ands that’s it.

What is the process to save my character, Live support could not do it.

While I wait for my character to be fixed do I make a new character and I will be notified when its completed?