"game already running" in steam

Okay, so I just spent hours reinstalling my pc and stuff because Lost ark wouldn’t start/“stop running”, it says “game already running” on steam and no matter if I force close steam on my pc, Lost Ark is still running. I see nothing in processes. When i start steam, lost ark is still not running in processes but says it is on steam, I simply can’t get it to stop. I tried other games and they work fine, only Lost Ark doing this.

And yes, i’ve verified the game files etc. I tried so much googling around I just reinstalled my pc and Lost ark was running fine first time running it after, now it ain’t working again. No matter if I restart my PC it’s still “running” on steam whenever I start my PC and I can’t start the game as it is “already running”.

Anyone else having this issue or know how to fix it?

We are many players who are having this problem. :disappointed_relieved:

Check here:

Hey. Finally I found a temporary fix, at least it works for me, but you have to do it every time you stop/start. the game

Go to:
(Disc may be different) C:/Program files(86x)/EasyAntiCheat/EasyAntiCheat and run it. Click choose game > Lost Ark, or it may show a number. In my case, it’s game 580


Click “Repair Service”, force close steam thru task manager then run Steam again and the game stopped running for me.

Remember you have to do this EVERY time you restart the game and It won’t fix the issue with the CPU hogging… Possibly only closing the game.

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I apologize for the inconvenience facing this problem with the game already running on the background after it was closed.
As @imtychu182 explained we are currently reporting this via a web ticket to our team for further investigation to assist the affected players.

Please try this steps first before we report this to our customer support team:

Please report this problem if the issue persist with our team via a web ticket so we can continue to investigate more with additional details of the affected users.

Visit this link to create the web ticket for our team:
Select In-game Issues → Something Else → Contact Us → Web ticket.

We appreciate all the patience while we work on this.
Have an excellent week.

Hey there, if you look at the post above I seem to have figured how to make the game stop running, but only temporarely. The CPU will keep hogging as soon as the game get’s started again,

I also get different errors on EAC when trying to run the game, it doesn’t matter if I get an error or if the game successfully runs again, it will still keep the game running forever forcing me to do the proccess of using that tool again, then force restart steam etc, every time it fails to run as well.

I’ve had different issues now for days with EAC, the game is really getting unplayable along with all the dcs…

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It’s not the game, it’s the malware that comes with it. EAC to be exact.


Yeah EAC definitely seems to be the problem here, idk how other games running EAC works but it sure messes up my Lost Ark/Steam

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We had an update on our Official News today please refer to this as additional Troubleshooting .

if the issue persist after that please send a web ticket to our team so we can investigate with more details.

Thank you for all the patience
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