Game-breaking Awakening Interrupt Bug

Posting this because, although rare, it is very much game-breaking and we have just had this affect a tournament match which caused big problems on deciding whether a reset was warranted.

The problem: Sorceress seems to have the ability to cancel All Immunities (Awakenings) when hitting a very specific frame. This can happen with any spell and against any class. This was a problem on the RU server, and it has now been seen in the NA server (which is what caused our tournament issue). See below:

We originally thought it was RU exclusive, but the last clip proves it is not. Very critical bug that - although rare - should be passed onto the Smilegate team to look at.


Not same on KR? I know a lot of skills have unsafe frames but didnt think awakens did lol.

Might be on KR too but it’s very rare and hard to replicate, hence I don’t think many people even know about it.

There are no “unsafe frames” for Awakenings - or rather there shouldn’t be. Sorceress doesn’t seem to care though with this bug for very specific moments.

To confirm I’m the bard this happened to above. I attempted to lab this bug with an hour with Reitear from maxroll on Korea using electro orb as well as cold call (Korean/RU spell names) and we were unable to recreate this bug it is a rarely uncommon yet clearly possible occurance and something we wrote off as a Russian server rubberband meme issue after being unable to recreate it (we used Warlord [gunlance] shield awakening for this) but with it happening on NA as well now, this is obviously a spaghetti code issue that seems to solely effect Sorceress CC interaction. We labbed this in a custom arena (which can be done in undersized groups on Korea so 1v1) - all the info I can really give for the QA testers at Smilegate.

Please look into this urgently, because it’s now at a serious point it’s affecting tournament level matches.

As Lin’s clip is from his POV he couldn’t see my bars, but I can confirm that like the infighter clip, my bard awakening was placed on cooldown after this bug and even though it was a terrible awakening, thats quite a huge loss as support awakenings are literally the best in the game.

I am aware of the above question as to whether this is possible on Korea. We don’t know. I have never seen any complaints about it on inven and the class has been out since August; but also in 200 games of Artist I’ve seen maybe 2 sorcs in ranked, it feels like the class is less played there than in the West in ranked pvp up to gold elo at least; and this will obviously affect the amount of data on the issue.

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I’ve had this happen to me too, mid wardancer ult, just knocked up randomly from a sorc skill

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Bumping this, hasn’t happened to me yet but would be infuriating.

Had it happen today to me but in pve lol. Pretty sure its due to lag as i was lagging a little at the time.

holy shit dude i hope this gets fixed ASAP

thank you for finding this stuff

oh well i thought you could cancel awakenings ,happened to me once but i was playing Sorceress my awakening got canceled by another Sorceress i thought i was tripping lmfaooo i believe its one of the lighting attack that canceled it, not really sure but i got hit with alot cc.

this happened to my s hunter in pve lol

surely they will fix bugs related to pvp