Game Bug for the Martial Artist Classes

I know that there are a few other threads on this matter, but wanted this to get more attention. I know @Roxx stated the bug has been reported. At world bosses basically all martial artist classes are getting gear they can not equip because it’s for other martial artists or the opposite gender. I just wanted to reiterate that this is a pretty significant bug that affects gear progression. I haven’t come across anyone in game that doesn’t have this issue.

Was just curious if this is being worked on or if there is any news from the dev teams. I know there are other issues that require more attention than this, but would like to figure something out. Maybe there might be an info update with “known bugs” and what’s being worked on before official full launch on Friday? Wishful hoping that there would be a patch before official launch :frowning:

PS. Thank you CMs for all the communication and hard work on here since early access launch! :heart: