Game consistenly crashes during Raids EVEN on LOW SETTINGS

I have been in this screen for about 10 mins so far, I was in the Oreha’s Will Hard. And this is not the first time i have seen this happened. Now as a noob to all this i am just simply curious. Does this actually happen to anybody else at all? or is it more like a me problem? Because i am actually full on unsure as of right now what can i do to fix this. This problem started few weeks back and i thought it was just casual stuff. I even missed rewards because i was frozen like this or the game just straight up stops. Some of the times, because i crash like this, game considers this as i “left” the dungeon, then i get a timer for leaving dungeons. How do i fix this?

Just FYI i started to play this game 2 weeks ago.

Pretty sure it’s just you. I have friends with terrible pcs running this game without crashes.

But this keeps on happening on just guardian raids and abyss raids, it doesn’t even happen on chaos dungeons, and i don’t crash anywhere else. So what is happening?