Game Constantly Shutting Down

Every 5 to 10 minutes the game shows this error and shut down. I redownloaded the game 5 times and even verified the files through steam and the problem persists. It happens in any and everything doesnt matter what im doing. Any advice to solve the problem?

there aint a solution, you either get lucky or you cant play longer than a few min that day or week, depends how the game and the server is feeling, its nothing on your end

edit. some mod will come and give you the general troubleshooting garbage they say everywhere, none of those will work

ah I see thank you I guess ill wait til a update or something and avoid raids and stuff since I cant even do those without the game shutting down.

best you can do is just try it later or another day, sometimes it happens every few min sometimes you can play for an hour or 2 without interruption, in very rare ocassion you can play a full day

I have the same problem and have the same approach as yesnomaybeperhaps, there’s nothing we can do about this issue and from what I read on another thread, CMs say it’s on the client side not on the server-side. This is ridiculous because I’ve put up 700 hours since launch and just got the problem a few days after the Glavier patch.

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mine died after 310 hour ish about 3 update ago

The game disconnected when loading for a Boss Rush just now, I tried reconnecting and crashed again on the character selection screen. This is so insane!

Have you tried to see if there is any packet loss from your location to the server?

If there is depending on where it is, you could either talk to your ISP to reroute the traffic from your local UBR to the server, or if it is closer to the server then you can get them to look at getting it rerouted from their end.