Game crash 2 times in 30 min

Once i was afk second i was buying some stuff on AH. No crash massage just alf + f4 the game…

Another crash Hallo windows 10 no error…Turn off servers fix the game pls !!!

Another crash in cube with 3 tickets… cant even more launch the game

Another crash after i finished weekly una … Maybe this have something to do with bots prevention? IDK fix this pls

After again game launch at second try

And again game just turn off

And another DC maybe i try another game until they can fix it IDK

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Sorry to hear you’re having this issue, kolci. I’ve moved this over to the support section so our support team can check into this.

Hi @kolci

Hope you are doing well!

I’m so sorry for the constantly disconnection/crash you are having while you play Lost Ark.

Regarding to the disconnection problem the team is aware of the situation and they are working to fix, they recently add a update to the game to continues work on this issue.

Here is the link if you like to see the post they made about it.

Also as the team said in the update post, please let us know how your experience may have changed here following the next megathread.

Disconnect Issues Reporting Megathread - 11/23

In the other hand I also would like to share some troubleshooting steps you can try for this connection problem.

Here is the link:

Steam Verify integrity of the games files

Troubleshooting Lag and Connectivity Issues

Hope this information help you! :wolf:

@kolci I have the same problem u got i can’t play the game for 30 mins straight too did u get any fix ?
i have the same problem is there any solution yet?