Game crash after selecting character

The game crash each time i try to log in with one of my character. I can acces the game with all other character.
It crash on loading screen at 75% each time

the character is in Vern and it works with other charcter on the same map

Need help please.

Server : Ealyn
Character name : PanzerVilou

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Hello there @Vilouchou, welcome to the Lost Ark forums,

I’m sorry to hear you are having issues related to your character, I will be happy to assist you, please allow me a moment to relocate your character so you can log back in with it!

Be right back! :slight_smile:


I have relocated your character to Prideholm, please next time you log in let me know if you have access to the character!


hello again,
always the same issue :frowning:

it seems my char is always in Vern

I see @Vilouchou,

Can you confirm if you closed the game before trying to log back in to your character?

If you haven’t please close the game and do a file verification on steam Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files and then try to log back in!

Keep me updated!


i’ve done the verification before calling for help ;p
I try to change char (without) closing the game as soon as u tell me to try
then the game crash and i try again but no change

i also check my graphic card drivers

Thank you for the update @Vilouchou,

Please try again with the file verification since on my side it shows that your character has been correctly moved to Prideholm, let me know if after that it changes anything!

Thank you for the fast response!


Hello again ;p
Verification done
so it seem not working my Panzer is always mark “in Vern” and no way to log in with it

Hi @Vilouchou,

Thank you for getting back to me, I have relocated your character 1 more time, please close the game and try it one more time and let me know of the results please!

Thank you for your patience!


hi @Jormungandrh
so i’ve lauched the game and on the char selection screen it s always Vern Castle :confused:

i just try to go in and it crash again

Thank you @Vilouchou,

This issue seems to be something really specific which we don’t have troubleshooting steps and requesting an escalation with our developers is the best option.

Would you mind contacting us whenever you are available please? We need some personal information and logs from you which is why we cannot handle it on a public forum.

You can reach us using the following link:

Have the dxdiag ready in case they ask for it:

Instructions for generating a DXdiag: Open and run DxDiag.exe - Microsoft Support

Thank you for your understanding and patience.


ok thanks for trying
Merry Xmas ;p

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Of course @Vilouchou!

That’s what we are here for! Feel free to contact us anytime you need help! :slight_smile:

Happy holidays!