Game crash during Abyssal Dungeon

As title says, game crashed during last boss and when I came back to it was completed but I got no rewards. Also my weekly limit is used so now I get nothing until next week. Am I just SOL and if so how is this an unresolved issue for a game that surely has had these issues in other regions in the past.

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Same thing just happened to me on my hard mode run last boss… Logged back into game with it completed and no loot yeah your SOL. Please Fix Thugripz-Regulus

Weirdly I had crashes after update too. Never had issues before on this game. Tried some stuff and it just fixed itself.

Check your mail in case the game automatically sent you a ticket to restore your weekly entry limit, it does that sometimes when you crash. Has happened to me a few times now. I wish the instance didn’t close while you are disconnected if everybody leaves.

In my case, my team was still there and I was loaded back into the instance. Unfortunately I wasn’t rewarded with any drops and I could not open the reward chest.