Game crash in cube 2 times in a row

So I just did cube, and when i came to 10th floor, my game just instacrashed. I went back in (the rewards ofc gone) for another attempt with a new ticket, and my game crashed again on 6th floor. What is happening!!!

I’m sorry to see you’ve been experiencing game crashes, hani.nasrallah93 :frowning: .

I’ve moved this to the support section so our technical experts can help you.

Hello @hani.nasrallah93 !!!

Welcome to the Forums :slight_smile: .

I am so sorry about what happened :frowning: .

There is any error on the screen or the game just crashed without any warning?

Did you try any troubleshoot like verify steam files?

Here you will find more steps that you can try:

Please let me know if everything gets fixed!