Game Crash in Red Portal of 1445 Chaos Dungeon

Hi, my game keep crashing inside the boss red portal of the 1445 chaos dungeon. Since a lot of people seem to be having this issue, wondering if we can get an aura of resonance for compensation.

Same thing just happend to me - 1475 Red Portal (so valtan tile set).

This appears to be crashing upon retrieving/loading the boss asset.

I entered the portal, saw my 5 minute timer, but before the boss loaded my client stopped responding. I could see all of the terrain, my character, and basically everything you’d expect. I had that brief delay when transitioning zones where bosses/enemies “materialize” but the moment I’d expect to see the graphical representation of the enemy the client crashed.

I reloaded the game immediately and was able to get back in with about 1:30 on the clock, again loading all assets but the boss, and then my client crashed instantly.

I reloaded once more, this time after the timer expired, and everything works as expected (i’m in the portal now), but because the timer is expired the enemy spawn trigger doesn’t fire, no asset is loaded, and it appears my game works fine. Neither the 1st nor 2nd time I entered the game did the model for the boss display, which I was expecting to see on the 2nd load since the boss should’ve already been “engaged”.