Game Crashed After Gate 2 Valtan Completion

Is there a possible way I can still purchase the valtan g2 completion reward… the game crashed as soon as my group and i completed Valtan gate 2 and i get an error message of game cannot respond and closes the entire game, i relog back in and im back to where my charc was before i joined the Valtan raid

Hello @rccar! Greetings and hoping you are well today.
Thank you for reaching out with your concerns.

You were able to completed Valtan but you did not receive any reward, is that correct?

Correct and could not purchase the chest reward… game crashed as soon as my raid and I completed Valtan and it was doing the cut scene

Thank you for providing details.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the event, it’s not something we can resolve right away but I I’d suggest contacting our live chat here: Contact Us | Amazon Games , so that the team can escalate the issueand update on the progress to a fix.

Include as much information as possible, such as:

  1. Player Name
  2. Region Name
  3. Approximate time of disappearance/occurrence
  4. Item/quantity, and details.

I hope this helps you out.

Have a safe Trip in Arkesia :sailboat: :volcano: :mountain: :crossed_swords: