Game crashed and items are now missing from inventory

Hi guys,

My game crashed and currently half my inventory (not storage but inventory on my character) is missing. I bought the platinum pack and had loads of combat item (Rob of Swiftness, lots of HP potion, and other things like mining, gathering, and other equipment). I tried contacting support and was told there would be a ticket open internally but I can’t even have an email confirming the ticket so I can follow up, so I don’t believe anything will be done about my missing items.

My biggest issue is that most of these items came from my platinum pack and now half my stuff is missing. Now, Amazon can’t even give me back items that I paid for. Quite ridiculous that a game crash would send data that items were used / deleted / etc…

Server: US East server - Una
Character name: Muzukashi
Time of crash: ~ 4:30 PM EST