Game Crashed as soon as I started Chaos dungeon

The game literally crashed as soon as I got into a chaos dungeon I lost half my aura

Hello @Jvck hope you’re doing great, welcome to the forums!

I’m sincerely sorry for this issue with your game crashing as soon as the dungeon started. This is definitely not the experience we want you to have.

Unfortunately we do not have any tools to give you the aura lost, please contact us to escalate the situation.

I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you could tell me more information about the problem so I can take a look further?

Hope the information is helpful, have a great day and see you on Arkesia!

Thanks for the reply, that’s alright. I logged in entered a chaos dungeon and shortly after the client closed

Don’t bother, look at the dozens of threads across this forum of people disconnecting randomly and losing weekly entrances, auras, items and everything else. They all get the same response. Apparently some team is working on a fix, however there’s nothing they can do in the meantime, so you’re basically screwed. Some of those people had those issues since launch and it’s still not resolved, so don’t keep your hopes up for a quick resolution. CMs are all nice and very professional, they all understand our frustration and they all would be at least equally frustrated if it happened to them, however there’s nothing they can do. Because that’s how support apparently works.


I’m sorry you feel this way @Kalantris, rest assured that the team is working on a long-term solution. Once again we apologize for this inconvenience.

Same issue here. Disconnected as soon as I accepted the queue to the chaos dungeon and lost 50 aura.

Yeah, well, seing how the SPELPWP error is still here since release, I’m not keeping my fingers crossed.

Since most content is locked behind a once per week policy, such disconnects hurt your progress like hell. When you play in a guild with mates around your level, it means you start to fall behind and have to either ask all your friends to drop a tier to do content with you or start matchmaking, which means you waste much more time carrying other people. I already lost one Argos and one Preveza hardmode due to random disconnects. It’s getting so bad people ask in raid chat to wait for everyone to report before taking the loot/leaving the area to make sure everybody’s there.

No compensation “in the meantime” is a major kick to the balls. Imagine finishing Argos for the first time, using a ton of gold on pots, carrying the run, getting MvP and not getting any rewards due to a random game crash just to watch your friends sail away in gearscore with their new shiny stuff while you watch your guardian debuff slowly tick away.

Once again, I do understand how frustrating this can be. We are working towards a solution to this problem.

I do apologize for the situation and thank all of you for your patience!

Hope you all have a nice day!

Dear administrator,
here i am in this thread again after the “weekly maintenance” .
This disconnection error problem seemed escalating after today’s maintainence. I got disconnected 2 times within 30 minutes. while i am just bifrosting/sailing. Is there any solution?? There was no such kind of error since launch until last weeks’ update for me.

Hey @KPP89 I’m really sorry you’ve been experiencing this issue as well. Unfortunately there’s not a definite solution as of now, but be advised that the team is working on a long-term solution for this situation.

Hope you’ve a nice day.

Hello @Jvck and everyone, hope you’re all doing great!

As of now a new system has been implemented so hopefully this issue will no longer be affecting all of our players the same way as before.

Here’s the information so you can take a look:

Hope it’s helpful and see you on Arkesia!

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