Game crashed at Valtan Normal Gate 1 (can't re-enter)

Hi! Was doing Valtan Normal Gate 1 just before reset today and my game crashed at x11 HP. My game froze and never recovered (I waited it out a bit because sometimes it just stutters). Game closed and when I got back, Gate 1 was finished by my team and I can’t re-enter. I didn’t get rewards at all.

I was just wondering if I can get a re-entry ticket similar to what we get during Guardian Raids and Argos. You can check my account, it happened around 5 hours before weekly reset. Details:

Character: Zafeera (Shadowhunter GS 1430)

Hoping for your feedback.

Hello @Zaf

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Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us, I’m so sorry to hear that you were disconnected at Valtan gate 1.

I understand how frustrating can be this situation. Currently, we don’t have a way to re-grant daily or weekly entries to content manually. Our team is aware of this and they are working hard on solving it. I apologize for the inconvenience. If there is any update about this matter I’ll be letting you know.

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This is dumb. Why not just make it the same as Guardian raids where it considers it cleared once you open the chest/harvest the soul? I lost a weekly Argos run to this before too.

Or make it so that the game doesn’t close when you drop connection for half a second… or make it so the game doesn’t take literally 5 minutes to boot up.

This happens literally everyday to lots of people. Why isn’t there a system to grant re-entry when you don’t get your weekly clear?

Account enters Raid → Account was disconnected when cleared (no rewards) → Issue ticket

It’s not like we’re asking for free mats. We just wanna do it right every week. Don’t get me wrong, Valtan is fun and it just sucks that I’m now behind 1 week because of something I cannot control.

Keep getting booted from the game constantly now since yesterday, same error message everytime. Everybody stops moving, no lag, my character can be moved then the same message. Happened twice last night with our Valtan raid - what is this ridiculous error message?


I already lost a boss rush ticket to this error message, and I have a Valtan Hard static raid tonight, that I am scared to do, because of this =_=.

I never dced from the game before like this before last night’s maintenance, so I doubt it is an internet problem.

I hope this gets addressed soon if it is a server issue u.u

Same issue here, game kicked me out with the error code (second time ever, first was yesterday) when Valtan was at ghost phase. Boot took long enough that they finished it and I got no loot but the game says I did and won’t let me in.


Adding insult to injury, game said I cleared gate 1 without actually getting loot but won’t let me enter gate 2.

I have the Same problem as Zaf > Game crashed at Valtan HM 1st stage and when i came back i wasn’t eligible to take rewards, Not eligible to do Gate 1 again and not Eligible to enter gate 2 .