Game Crashed During Oreha Preveza unable to renter

Please help!
Game crashed whilst doing Oreha Preveza now says my entry count is up.

Server : Moonkeep EUW
Character : Lightspawn

Are we able to remove entry count for Oreha Preveza, I haven’t got the rewards for it.

@Fostus I see you’ve been helping people. Hope you’re around to assist (Sorry its on the weekend)

Hello @tom-grace,

Hope you are doing well! :slightly_smiling_face:

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For your information, once the weekly entry is used for the Dungeon then there is no means to issue that entry again manually to your inbox.

I can understand your disappointment but unfortunately there is nothing we can do in this case.

See you in Arkesia! :magic_wand:

Hi @RuthlessFalcon

Thanks for getting back to me, don’t you issue re-entry tickets when something like this happens? I’m sure I’ve had one sent to me before when the sevrer goes down for maintenance. It’s only Saturday and it’s a long time for me to wait to eventually be able to run Oreha’s Preveza on Hard mode.

I’d really appreciate some support with this!


Hello @tom-grace, :slightly_smiling_face:

I completely understand your concern, but unfortunately there is no means to issue a manual entry to your account for a weekly dungeon.

However, I’ll share this feedback with our team for future improvements.

See you in Arkesia! :sparkles:

Hi @RuthlessFalcon

Please do I’m dissapointed such mechanic is not yet in place. Is this not something the Korean / Russian version of the game had issues with? The games been out for a few years now and I’m surprised this hasn’t had anything implemented or fixed.

What happens if I run Argos and the same thing happens. Is it again tough luck kiddo better wait for next week or will you do something to ensure the stability of the game for that run?

@RuthlessFalcon Please can you provide me to a link to customer complaints form so I can also log a complaint for this.

Appreciate it’s all you can do. Have a good weekend.

Hello @tom-grace,

You can always get in touch with our live support to share your feedback with our development team.

You can contact live support at Amazon Games Lost Ark - Support | Amazon Games

Hope this helps! :magic_wand:

Hi @RuthlessFalcon

Unfortunately the Amazon Games support was unable to help with my issue. Are you able to provide a gold equivalent exchange for being unable to re-enter the Abyssl?

Since the mats / gold has been lost and I’m unable to reenter and there’s still no solution this seems like the best solution I can provide.


Hello @tom-grace,

I really wish we could do something like that, but unfortunately, there is no mechanism or way to provide compensation for such issues.

See you in Arkesia! :sparkles:

@RuthlessFalcon Again I know it’s not your fault so none of this at you but what an absolute Joke. I’m pretty sure mods on Runescape were able to provide better compensation for issues.