Game crashed during Valtan Gate 1

Game crashed during Valtan Gate 1 with 5 bars of health remaining.

I logged back on asap but group already finished the raid.

I didn’t get credit for the clear nor any rewards and it looks like the entry has already been consumed so I can’t re-do Gate 1 or move on to Gate 2.

Game has been crashing on me multiple times recently.

Looks like most people with similar problem did not get the entry ticket back.

I enjoyed the raid so much last week and was looking forward to it but this just killed all my motivation to play the game.

If I don’t get reentry, I’ll probably just quit the game.

RIP 750+ hours and my $50. Wish this happened last week so I wouldn’t have spent that $50 :confused:

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Yeah, its been happening to a fair few people it seems
Happened to me 3 hours ago - cant do gate 1 because of entry ticket and cant do gate 2 because it didnt count me as clearing gate 1

Some people say they got a refund entry ticket via mailbox instantly when they logged back in

Hello @brokenleftarm

Thank you for posting this here I hope you had a great week!
I apologize about this unexpected situation were you were not able to receive the rewards from the raid and also your ticket was comsumed.
Unfortunately we can not re-grant entries to any event by the forums service since there is an automated system implemented to deliver the tickets in the game.

Please consider that this process can take up to 24hrs but I can not confirm that you will receive the entry back. I can assure that our team is actively looking into this issues that the players have mentioned on the forums and if there is any major bug or game error there will be a compensation for the inconveniences.

Best wishes.
Keep gaming hero!